Friday, April 30, 2010

Las Vegas Baby!

The past few months, things have been really good around here, but very hectic.  It's just a busy schedule with our quaint little family of four. Fortunately, we have my parents "out here" so they can jump in with the kiddos anytime they are available..which means it's a well deserved long weekend for my hubby and I.  It wasn't always this way, as it was a tough three years without family near us. 

So, a few months back, we saw that Ray Romano and Kevin James were going to be in Vegas. Now, DH and I LOVE, did I say LOVE Kevin James. He brings out the best in us..Yes, he makes my husband laugh so hard he cries, and that was one of the many reasons I fell in love with my husband. You see, we're in a really good place right now and I want to hold on to it for awhile. I mean, how can you not laugh with this stuff:

So, we took a long weekend...nice road trip...not too far from home, but still far enough away.  I was able to chill poolside with a nice drink and good book in hand.  The weather was mid 80s..perfect for sunning.  And, even though it wasn't "Stella About The Beach", I'll take poolside anyday!   We really got to enjoy each other and just be who we were 13 years ago when we worries..just each other.

I love the pic below. We were at a little Paris cafe (Las Vegas) at 2:00 AM after the show.  I ordered a mimosa...why not?  And, I thought I was looking sassy, but I really look like a biotch...we had fun looking at the pics the next morning.

From Tom Collins to Whiskey Sours, Top Dollar and Wheel of Fortune, Sushi to Italian...I can't wait until we can do this again.  This really was one of my favorite trips with DH.