Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

The past few weeks I have been extremely crazy and hectic feeling like there is not enough time in the day to do the things I want to do.  I'm sure many of you feel that way as well.  Right now, I am thankful that I have the next 5 days off from work and am leaving my office knowing everything else can wait.  I'll be enjoying this fine holiday with my husband, parents and children as my parents only live moments away.  From NY to AZ, I realize it does take a village to raise a family and that is why I am grateful where I am today.  Who couldn't be blessed when they have these adorable kids to raise!

Happy Thanksgiving!
From My Family to Yours

And now to bring out my personality, since I feel I haven't had time to show it...this is for all my new friends who are police wives:


drum roll please.....

thank you...thank you...I'll be here all evening! And to you a good night!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rare Form

Last evening was cozy as we all gathered on the couch for a little while and chatted as a family...OK, so maybe there was a show going on in the background....  Now, my son has never been the "nose picker", although many of his friends have been known to do it.  But, my daughter has started to exhibit some signs.  So, I see my daughter picking something out of her nose and she takes "it" and wipes it on the wine glass that was in my hand. 

Conversation went something like this:

Laughter and running around the room by Jordan after she did the deed.

Jake:  "That's not the kind of girl I'm going to marry."
Me:     "What do you mean, Jake?"
Jake:  "I'm going to marry a nice girl, someone who is nice to you, and nice to me"
            "Not someone who puts bugars on your wine glass"

You can't really see it well from this photo.  Notice there is no wine left in the glass. 

You have got to love kids!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I did it!

I drove by myself to Phoenix in traffic.  I got there without any issues.  I'm awaiting my flight back to Phoenix, and should have a quiet, late drive home.  I am proud of myself for conquering my fears.  What else is there to say?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

Thanks Mrs. Fuzz from A Police Wife for passing along the Honest Scrap Award. In order to accept the Honest Scrap Award you must list 10 honest things about yourself and then pass the award along to seven other bloggers.

Since I've been absent, which is equivalent to extremely busy and no time for ME, I thought I would go ahead and give ya'll some honest feedback.

1)  I am attending an E-Learning Symposium in Houston on Thursday.  It's a quick trip as I fly out on Wednesday and come home late Thursday night.  Well, and here's my honesty....I have never driven to the airport.  I usually will go with family or take the Shuttle.  I really dislike driving in traffic and the Shuttle won't be available to pick me up Thursday night...so I have to drive myself...Have you been to Phoenix lately? It's like driving in L.A. Lord, let me get through this!

2)  I dislike driving in large cities...in fact, I don't do it! (unless I have too) ;(  But, I will visit my brother and sister-in-law and have that route down pat!  I think this derives from my father passing away in a car accident when I was 12. Yes, that must be it!  I could be a psychologist.

3)  I use to pride myself and being clean and organized.  Since having kids, that has all gone down the drain...look what they do to me..all their art supplies...stuffed in tupperware bins..you should see my kitchen drawers...yikes!

4)  I was the Sophomore Homecoming Queen in college. It poured down raining in the float and at the football game.  I was wearing a purple suit..again...yikes!  What was I thinking?
5)  I have no patience for complainers.  Everybody has their story, so let's make it a positive experience.  Now sarcasm if a different case.  Sarcasm can be funny.
6)  I'm a bit insensitive when it comes to beggers on the street.  Again we all make choices to where we are today.  There are people that work hard and have mulitple jobs just to get by.  Plus, I listen to the types of people my husband has to deal with on a daily basis, and the "common people" will never understand.  Some of these people are the ones who put my husband in harms way. Ouch...did I say that out loud???
7) I'd rather read a book than watch a movie; however, I am a bit obsessed by the whole Jon and Kate Gosselin drama, but I haven't even really been able to keep up with that.
8)  I dislike talking on the phone. 
9)  As you can tell from the title of my blog...I would give anything for time away...at the beach..ocean...somewhere with sunshine and water, a cold beverage..perhaps an icy beer or fruity rum drink...and a good book...now that's the life....BUT...
10)  I would give anything to make sure my kids are healthy and happy. They mean the world to me, and even through all the sibling rivalry, fussiness, whining, strong willed personalities...I wouldn't change a thing.  And, I think my kids are the greatest in the world.
This kept them entertained for an hour this weekend!

Remember how easy life can be!!

Watch it through the eyes of a child and it will give you perspective.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Signifies The Start of the Holiday Season

I was very excited on Friday as I took my kids to Portrait Park By J for their annual Pumpkin Patch photos.  I've been going here since Jake was born and it is now tradition to get some great (and cheap) photo opportunities.  A few days before Friday, I thought that they really didn't have an outfit to wear, so I headed over to Children's Place (Had a 20% off coupon) and found the most adorable outfits for the kids this fall.  You see, we're going to be on TV next week and also have an event in Phoenix next Saturday, so these outfits will be worn well over the next month.

The only problem is Jordan did NOT want me to take her picture.  One trait she got from both her parents is being stubborn!  But, Jakey was all about posing in his little blazer and faded jeans.  When the original pics come in, I'll be sure to post it, as it turned out really cute!

Which leads me into Halloween.....please remember what I said about being stubborn.  I decided to get the kids outfits early this year..does mid-October count as early?  For what it's worth, Jake's Scooby Doo outfit was back ordered and they came in a few weeks later.  I was very proud of my son, who decided to go with Scooby Doo over a fake "super-hero" like Spiderman (which he was last year).  It was very sweet when he told me that Spiderman, Batman, Superman are all fake superheros.  His Daddy is a real superhero...In fact, I teared up when he said that.  And, my dear daughter has been in love with Mickey...see her 2 year birthday cake my Mom made her. 

So, she picked out a Minnie Mouse costume.  So, when the costumes arrived, Jordan all of a sudden wanted to be Scooby Doo and wanted NOTHING to do with Minnie Mouse.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  So, I figured out she wanted to do anything and everything that her big brother does, so I asked her if she wanted to wear Jake's Spiderman costume from last year.  Of course, her answer is YES.  So, both kids romped around "pretend" trick or treating in their Scooby Doo and Spiderman outfits.  As Halloween approached, we headed over to my girlfriends house where we all meet up and go trick or treating. I brought the Minnie Mouse costume, but had Spiderman for back up. Much to my delight...Jordan decided she didn't want to dress up at all...so she chose to go as the "yoga instructor" in her stretch black pants and sweatshirt. (Thanks for the pic JJ)

So, even thought Jo Jo didn't want to dress up, she still had fun trick o' treatin'.  She enjoyed running up to the house and hanging with all the bigger kids and laughing and enjoying the night. Fun was had by all on Halloween night, while my DH worked downtown Whiskey Row.  Let's just say he saw some very interesting and very skimpy costumes that night.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it's officially the start of the Holiday season.  Let's plan the Thanksgiving Festivities, our trip to Greer to Santa's Workshop, and my favorite holiday, Christmas.  I love everything about decorating, making cookies, going to the Christmas parades, including the night time electric parade, caroling, all the Christmas movies....oh yeah...the holiday season has just begun!!