Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being A Police Wife..I Mean Pizza Wife

There have been a few stories that have happened over the past few months that typically don't happen to the average family, but to the police family.  We typically order a pizza...oh, let's say once a week for dinner.  We do prepare a nice salad to go along with..if that sounds any better. The kiddo's need those veggies, right?  So, let me set this story up for you.  I met DH for lunch one day at this pizza joint downtown.  He had off, I was working near by, kids were at school, we take date time when we can get it.  Well, the host was someone who my DH had arrested on DUI a few months earlier.  Well, OK, we knew this because he was our host before and made a comment to DH.   A few days earlier, he had arrested the waitress for stealing and was under investigation for some other things.  We didn't think she'd be working, but the host as he walked into the kitchen yells, "Guess who's here.  And you're going to wait on him."  Yeah, very loud for everyone to hear. So, my DH gets up and says, "Sorry hon, we're leaving."  As we walk out, the host (who turned into this punk) sees us leaving and says, "Hey, don't leave, I'll serve you if you want."

So, let's fast forward a few months later.  We order pizza (not from the same place).  We are waiting and waiting and waiting.  An hour goes by (with two very fussy kids..and me drinking my red vino till the pizza comes), when we get a phone call.  Well, our wonderful pizza delivery boy gets pulled over to tell us he'd be late cause he got pulled over "by a cop".  Nice....DH turns on his radio and see it's his buddy that pulled him over.  So, he gives him a call on his cell phone while the guy is still pulled over.  It would have been very humorous, except the pizza guy had been arrested a few weeks prior to that...and now he is delivering to us...and knows where we live.  So, we call the pizza place and cancel our order.  Poor kids...had to fix them something in the house.  We're running out of pizza options folks!  Does this happen to you?

Tune in for some more police stories that have intertwined with our personal lives.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

That Pill So You Can't Have Any More Babies

Scenario:  The kids are sitting at the kitchen counter stools eating their dinner.  We just went through the Pharmacy drive-through so I could pick up "the pill" which I was a day late. 

Me: (swallowing pill)
Jake:  "Is that the pill so you can't have any more babies?"
Me:  "Yes, you and Jordan are all I need"
Jake:  "I don't want any more brothers or sisters.  I just want Jordan."
Jake looks at Jordan
Jake:  "Jordan, I was waiting for you for awhile.  When you were a little baby, I was waiting for you to grow and grow. I wanted you for my sister."

Yep, got teary eyed on that one.  Don't know where it came from, but was the sweetest darn thing.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OMG My DH is an AH! LOL!

So, hubby asks the other day, "What does DH stand for?".  I know he likes to read my blogs cause in his silly, sarcastic way, he always brings up little things I say and we get in the lovey dovey battle of him being an arse.  So, in Stella's world, "DH" has always stood for "Dear Husband".  Isn't that sweet?  I asked my hubby what he thought it meant and in his manly state, he said "Da Husband"...what?  This isn't "Da Bears".  So, he thought I made this up and I said, it's web terminology like, LOL or OMG.  DH is just another one of them.  So, the rest of the evening, he said that my next blog would be, "OMG, my DH is such as AH."  He continued to mention it throughout the evening, so I told him he'd be reading about himself online next...Here's my promise to you love! And, to think I also made a promise to you 9 1/2 years ago.  But, the funny thing is, I did google "What is DH?" to make sure I was using it right....because DickHead did  pop up?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Framing the Future

This past October, I was an integral part of my children's first school fundraiser.  Now, I'm pretty proud of the laboratory school where my children go, as it is one of the highest quality 3 months - 5 year schools around!  We held a fundraiser where we brought in over $20,000.  Not bad for the first fundraiser we ever did.  Our event was called, Framing the Future.  We took the children's artwork and had a silent auction on the artwork which went over well.

So, on Friday, I picked up my 2 1/2 year old daughter with numerous painting projects that she did that day.  Now, I have a tupper ware bin for my son and daughter, where I put the "good" projects...all the others get tossed, or to be environmental friendly, ahem...recycled.  But, I saw these 6 paintings and they were pretty great!

And well, I got an idea for a lovely last minute gift for my family.

I went to Michael's and bought five 5 x 7 frames (on sale for $3.49 each).  Then I bought five framed mattes (is that the right word for $1.49 each).

I also purchased these cute little heart and flower shaped buttons to glue on to the frame after I was done.

It took me a few minutes as I framed the pictures just perfectly and cut them out.

I cut out the picture and added it to the frame.

I added the cute little buttons as the last touch, and call it, "Designs by JoJo 2009".

I am very impressed with my creative skills, as I thought I lost touch with my inner self.

Hubby came home from work at 7:30 AM this morning and was quite impressed with my creations.  I think I have a budding little artist on my hands.  A gift with a personal touch.....Happy Holidays Ya'll!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hoping That Phone Doesn't Ring

So, I often keep my phone on vibrate while I'm at work.  Then, I leave, shove my phone in my purse, get the kids, unload the car, make dinner, put things away....DH leaves for work around 7:00 PM.  As I finish cleaning up the kitchen, I take my phone out of my purse and instead of keeping it on vibrate while the kids go to bed, I turn it on loud.   We don't use a land line anymore and I wonder, God forbid, if anything ever happened, would I hear my phone ring if it was on vibrate?  I don't ever want that call...although DH says his Sgt. would come over to our house along with a few other guys that I know. 

I just put my phone on loud as I get ready for bed.  I hope all my friends out there never get that call....or door bell rung in the middle of the night.  Hopefully history doesn't repeat itself...I was the only one home when they rang the door bell to tell me about my Dad 21 years ago.

Be safe out there!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Turning 60 Twice

Sometimes you have to lose something to gain a wonderful gift.  A few weeks ago was my "step-dad's" 60th birthday.  The funny thing is, we actually had his 60th birthday bash back in October so family could fly out to beautiful AZ before the weather turned crappy back East.  We had 14 of his family members fly into town.  His 84 year old parents also flew all the way across the country for birthday wishes! 

Jordan and Great-Grandma Betty

Jake and Great Pops - they share the same birthday that spans 80 years!

Now these aren't my children's biological great grandparents, but they are the only grandparents my children have ever known.  I am thankful how they have shown so much love to my family, when they were just getting to know me in my rebellious teenage years.

Hanging out with cousins

Now, as I have the opportunity to spend quality time with my folks, I see how important it is to postive influences surrounding them.  I once cut out a newspaper column from Dear Abby or Ann Landers about a Stepfather's Gift, but can't find it anywhere.  If anyone comes across it, please share it with me.

So as we move toward this holiday season, I'm thankful for not just having one father until I was 12, but two.  Happy birthday Steiner....twice!  Thanks for sharing your family with me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fill In The Blank

So Jakey says this the other day.

___________ is better than chocolate.

Any takers?