Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's Get This Blog Rolling Already!

Well, I decided that it is time to get on board with this blogger stuff. I'm very familiar with how blogs work, hell, I even teach faculty at the college where I work how to create and use blogs, but I've never felt I had time to do it myself. To be honest with you, I've been torn in two. I have an alter ego personality. My first personality was really for educational purposes. I would post my blog about educational technology, online learning, teaching tips, but my heart was really telling me that I want to share information about being a Mom, being a police officer's wife...and really what a joy and struggle it all has been. So, when times are challenging, I always say it's about ME, Stella....and always about the happy place.

So, for my birthday weekend this year (end of August), my DH and I decided to go visit his Mom in Virginia Beach..without the kids.

It was fabulous to get away for a few days and soak up some sun. My MIL lives just a few blocks from the main Virginia Beach strip. We had fun riding beach bikes, which is not your typically sporty mountain bike..and yes, I almost wiped out. But, zooming on the beach boardwalk with a beach bike is amazing. We ate some fresh fish and got our fill of the beach. Just wish I could have spent one more day to myself relaxing near the shore.

I suppose I'll have to wait until next year..which if DH and I actually survive together, it will be our 10 year anniversary. So, of course, after we returned back to dry Arizona, I had to grab the kids and take them up to my brother and SIL for Labor Day Weekend.

They have a gorgeous pool, in which I am very jealous. But, we got to spend some quality time together. Mama at the beach the weekend before, the family all together Labor Day Weekend, well, almost all together..DH had to work...did I mention he is a police officer? So, when times get a tough...Stella is always about the beach!
Come back and visit, as I will be detailing you on the "Santa's Wonderland" Trip my family won!


  1. Hi! I noticed you following a few days ago but couldn't leave you a comment because you hadn't blogged anything so I'm glad you are now. :) My husband is from VA beach area. I'm all about the beach too except I now live in a land locked state. :( Anyway, it's nice to *meet* you. I look forward to more of your mommy and police wife stories. Oh and I LOVE the name Stella. That was one of the names we considered for our daughter.

  2. Hi Mrs. Fuzz,
    Thanks for stopping by. Does your husband still have family in the VA Beach area? It's nice to officially meet you as well.

  3. My husband's immediate family is in Williamsburg. The rest are scattered around the east coast and Ohio. I love Virginia.