Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Will Always Be My Baby!

This morning, I was holding my baby girl, Jo,  in my lap and I began to rock her.  She'll be three in May and was needing some Mommy time this morning....or so I thought.  She looks up into my eyes...those eyes that saw me for the first time...that mother/daughter bond and I see myself in the reflection of her eyes.  She says, "Don't rock me, I'm not a baby anymore!" 

And that's how the ball rolls, my friends.....Boo, hoo hoo hoo! 

Darling, you will always be my baby girl! And don't you ever forget that!


  1. Like a knife to a mother's heart!! We want them to learn to do things and be independent, but we also want to keep them like those little babies we love so much. I am TRYING to learn to cherish these years, even though they drive me batty half the time. ;)

  2. Oh! That's the worst! I get that all the time from my just turned 4 year old, but my almost 7 year old wants to be snuggled all the time.

  3. Naughty Jojo! I still remember when you'd lug her around in her infant seat. Now look how big she is in that carseat!!