Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Confess

So, one of these days, I'm going to book a trip with the gals who tore up Austin!

I confess:  My kids are laying on couch watching Charlie and Chocolate Factory.  I haven't heard from them in 20 minutes.  I think they are asleep.  It is 9:22 PM.  Damn Arizona sun comes out at 4:30 AM, so the first thing they say to me in the morning is, "Is it wake up time?"  Usually, that's at 5 AM, so they are sleeping by 8 PM.

I confess:  I went to a Kindergarten Orientation on my 10th anniversary and they stated you should have your 5 year old in bed at 7:30 PM...and I laughed out loud.

I confess:  Once school started, my little boy was in bed at 8PM and out cold!!  There was a good 3 weeks of very bad behavior after school, which is normal development stage. I was doubting whether he should have went to Kindergarten or stayed home an extra the way, I'm glad he went!

I confess:  I let them stay up late tonight, so they will at least sleep till 6 AM.

I confess:  I talk about my kids more than my job.  I am a blog following Mama because of my kids, not my why do I only have 13 followers...that's really sad!

I confess:  I just checked on my kids and put each one to bed. It's now 9:30PM.

I confess: It's tough to transfer a six year old who weighs 51 pounds and a 4 year old who weighs 43 pounds.

I confess: I'm sad that they are not little  anymore....
And I'll leave you at that...I have two happy (for the most part), healthy, boy and girl.  I am done with kids (although the tubes haven't been tied...and don't even ask about the snip, snip with the DH).  He won't do it.  But, I do miss some of the toddler days...enjoy it while you can!
 I confess:  My camera needs to be charged (like for the past 2 months), so I can't take a pic of my kids sleeping on the was a great pic too..ho hum!

And, now I'll take a sip of the red...small bottle that I've had this evening!


  1. Well, I follow via my feed reader, so you don't see me :(

    Confession is good not only for your soul, but the rest of us who now feel normal. (ok, except me, because my kids are grown ups and sleep as late as they want!)

  2. Oh to sleep in just a little bit! But, you've been there and done that ;)