Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Seriously Looking For A Yummy Treat?

The family and I spent Monday together as I made some homemade spaghetti, and it was de-lish!  So for dessert, we did:

Betty Crocker Cookie Brownie Bars

And on top of the "just out of the oven" cookie brownies, we added:

Girl Scout Tagalong Ice Cream

OMG - I was in heaven!!!!  Now, I need help for this:

I recommend this to anyone....the dessert, not the get your butt in shape....


  1. Sounds yummy!I didnt know they made gs icecream,that is way cool! and yeah after all that yuminess not only would my butt need to get in shape but my belly as well!lol

  2. Oh, it was good Monica! I think they only make GS ice cream during a specific time of year. They had thin mints and some others too, but tagalongs are my favorite. My biggest debate in life is whether chocolate and peanut butter is better or chocolate and caramel?? Tough choice!