Monday, January 4, 2010

How Many Times Can We Thank God In This Blog

I've been MIA for a few weeks as I vowed to not do anything (except housework and play with the kids).  Some of you may know how my family won the North Pole Experience Trip to Santa's Workshop.  We decided to take off a few days prior to Christmas and enjoy some time together.  DH really needed some time and I did too.  We headed out to the White Mountains in Arizona.  As we are leaving, there are flurries in the sky.  DH checks the weather and it called for 12-18 inches in the mountains.  Just in time to get into the Christmas spirit.  There were a few things we learned on our road trip.  When you got to go, you got to go!  My youngest just finished potty training ...thank GOD!  But, she refuses to go on a toilet in a public place.  So, we bring our handy dandy toilet with us...and yes I did bring this into McDonald's as she had to go.  What do you do when you're in the middle of nowhere and have to go...well take pictures of your daughter as she goes #2.

So, as we continue on our trip, the weather gets pretty bad and we are basically making the tracks on the road.  Again, thank GOD for 4 wheel drive trucks!

I'm pretty sure our kids should be thankful for this trip.  Once we arrived to our destination..on a normal day would have took 5 hours, we got to our cabin in the woods.  We actually had "Dean" drive a John Deere tractor to plow our way.  Yes, we flagged him down on the main road. Thank GOD we found him driving down the road.  But, oh isn't the cabin so cozy?

It was so cozy that my DH wants his ashes to float down the Little Colorado River if something happens to him while we crack open an ice-cold Coors Light.  So, on we went to Santa's Workshop, where we built toys, ate cookies, had hot chocolate, and got to meet Santa.

Dinner at the lodge.

Then at Santa's Workshop.

The next few days we really spent time together as a family.  We had no cares in the world except being together.  And, it was good...really, really good.  Thank GOD for family.  Through good times and bad, we will always have each other!

Thank you DH for such a memorable trip together.  Here's to 10 years in 2010!

And, here's a belated Merry Christmas to ya'll and to all a good night!  Yes, this was my Christmas card that I sent out a few days before Christmas.  Turned out pretty cute?  Didn't it?

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