Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Signifies The Start of the Holiday Season

I was very excited on Friday as I took my kids to Portrait Park By J for their annual Pumpkin Patch photos.  I've been going here since Jake was born and it is now tradition to get some great (and cheap) photo opportunities.  A few days before Friday, I thought that they really didn't have an outfit to wear, so I headed over to Children's Place (Had a 20% off coupon) and found the most adorable outfits for the kids this fall.  You see, we're going to be on TV next week and also have an event in Phoenix next Saturday, so these outfits will be worn well over the next month.

The only problem is Jordan did NOT want me to take her picture.  One trait she got from both her parents is being stubborn!  But, Jakey was all about posing in his little blazer and faded jeans.  When the original pics come in, I'll be sure to post it, as it turned out really cute!

Which leads me into Halloween.....please remember what I said about being stubborn.  I decided to get the kids outfits early this year..does mid-October count as early?  For what it's worth, Jake's Scooby Doo outfit was back ordered and they came in a few weeks later.  I was very proud of my son, who decided to go with Scooby Doo over a fake "super-hero" like Spiderman (which he was last year).  It was very sweet when he told me that Spiderman, Batman, Superman are all fake superheros.  His Daddy is a real superhero...In fact, I teared up when he said that.  And, my dear daughter has been in love with Mickey...see her 2 year birthday cake my Mom made her. 

So, she picked out a Minnie Mouse costume.  So, when the costumes arrived, Jordan all of a sudden wanted to be Scooby Doo and wanted NOTHING to do with Minnie Mouse.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  So, I figured out she wanted to do anything and everything that her big brother does, so I asked her if she wanted to wear Jake's Spiderman costume from last year.  Of course, her answer is YES.  So, both kids romped around "pretend" trick or treating in their Scooby Doo and Spiderman outfits.  As Halloween approached, we headed over to my girlfriends house where we all meet up and go trick or treating. I brought the Minnie Mouse costume, but had Spiderman for back up. Much to my delight...Jordan decided she didn't want to dress up at she chose to go as the "yoga instructor" in her stretch black pants and sweatshirt. (Thanks for the pic JJ)

So, even thought Jo Jo didn't want to dress up, she still had fun trick o' treatin'.  She enjoyed running up to the house and hanging with all the bigger kids and laughing and enjoying the night. Fun was had by all on Halloween night, while my DH worked downtown Whiskey Row.  Let's just say he saw some very interesting and very skimpy costumes that night.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it's officially the start of the Holiday season.  Let's plan the Thanksgiving Festivities, our trip to Greer to Santa's Workshop, and my favorite holiday, Christmas.  I love everything about decorating, making cookies, going to the Christmas parades, including the night time electric parade, caroling, all the Christmas movies....oh yeah...the holiday season has just begun!!


  1. I can't believe how big Jake has gotten! I see so much of Lee in him. :)

  2. Hey- I gave you the honest scrap award. I'm sorry if you think these little awards are lame or annoying, but I would love to learn more about you if you're up to it!

  3. I'm glad someone likes it that Christmas comes so early. I just feel a tightening in my chest and a sort of a panicky feeling in general.