Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rare Form

Last evening was cozy as we all gathered on the couch for a little while and chatted as a family...OK, so maybe there was a show going on in the background....  Now, my son has never been the "nose picker", although many of his friends have been known to do it.  But, my daughter has started to exhibit some signs.  So, I see my daughter picking something out of her nose and she takes "it" and wipes it on the wine glass that was in my hand. 

Conversation went something like this:

Laughter and running around the room by Jordan after she did the deed.

Jake:  "That's not the kind of girl I'm going to marry."
Me:     "What do you mean, Jake?"
Jake:  "I'm going to marry a nice girl, someone who is nice to you, and nice to me"
            "Not someone who puts bugars on your wine glass"

You can't really see it well from this photo.  Notice there is no wine left in the glass. 

You have got to love kids!


  1. LOL that is too funny but gross!tg I cant see the booger on the glass! found u thru MrsFuzz @Policewife

  2. LOL......ewwwww!!! I am currently training my nose picker, whenever i see him doing it, i make mention of the kleenex.

  3. LOL, sorry I didnt mean to laugh.....

    just wanted to introduce myself, I too am a police wife and I found your blog thru another police wifes blog.

    Have a great day!