Thursday, December 10, 2009

That Pill So You Can't Have Any More Babies

Scenario:  The kids are sitting at the kitchen counter stools eating their dinner.  We just went through the Pharmacy drive-through so I could pick up "the pill" which I was a day late. 

Me: (swallowing pill)
Jake:  "Is that the pill so you can't have any more babies?"
Me:  "Yes, you and Jordan are all I need"
Jake:  "I don't want any more brothers or sisters.  I just want Jordan."
Jake looks at Jordan
Jake:  "Jordan, I was waiting for you for awhile.  When you were a little baby, I was waiting for you to grow and grow. I wanted you for my sister."

Yep, got teary eyed on that one.  Don't know where it came from, but was the sweetest darn thing.


  1. It's moments like those, that don't happen very often here, that I need to remember when they're hitting one another, calling each other nasty names and yelling "I wish I was an only child". How do you explain to the younger child that she couldn't have been the only child?

  2. Shawn, so I listen to roughhousing going on in my living room. Let me think back to the other night...let me think back to the other night when they were so sweet ;) Hope you have a good weekend..gonna take the little one to get a haircut..she's starting to resemble "Cousin It" my little tomboy...I say that in a very endearing way.