Friday, December 4, 2009

Turning 60 Twice

Sometimes you have to lose something to gain a wonderful gift.  A few weeks ago was my "step-dad's" 60th birthday.  The funny thing is, we actually had his 60th birthday bash back in October so family could fly out to beautiful AZ before the weather turned crappy back East.  We had 14 of his family members fly into town.  His 84 year old parents also flew all the way across the country for birthday wishes! 

Jordan and Great-Grandma Betty

Jake and Great Pops - they share the same birthday that spans 80 years!

Now these aren't my children's biological great grandparents, but they are the only grandparents my children have ever known.  I am thankful how they have shown so much love to my family, when they were just getting to know me in my rebellious teenage years.

Hanging out with cousins

Now, as I have the opportunity to spend quality time with my folks, I see how important it is to postive influences surrounding them.  I once cut out a newspaper column from Dear Abby or Ann Landers about a Stepfather's Gift, but can't find it anywhere.  If anyone comes across it, please share it with me.

So as we move toward this holiday season, I'm thankful for not just having one father until I was 12, but two.  Happy birthday Steiner....twice!  Thanks for sharing your family with me.

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