Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OMG My DH is an AH! LOL!

So, hubby asks the other day, "What does DH stand for?".  I know he likes to read my blogs cause in his silly, sarcastic way, he always brings up little things I say and we get in the lovey dovey battle of him being an arse.  So, in Stella's world, "DH" has always stood for "Dear Husband".  Isn't that sweet?  I asked my hubby what he thought it meant and in his manly state, he said "Da Husband"...what?  This isn't "Da Bears".  So, he thought I made this up and I said, it's web terminology like, LOL or OMG.  DH is just another one of them.  So, the rest of the evening, he said that my next blog would be, "OMG, my DH is such as AH."  He continued to mention it throughout the evening, so I told him he'd be reading about himself online next...Here's my promise to you love! And, to think I also made a promise to you 9 1/2 years ago.  But, the funny thing is, I did google "What is DH?" to make sure I was using it right....because DickHead did  pop up?


  1. In my world DH meand Darling Husband and AH would be Asshat!...if the shoe fits!

  2. awwww,dickhead!!! thats a good one,I picked up using DH from a pw site I belong to.I will repost my abbreviation and their meanings post I had put up a while back. LOL!!