Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Am Me

The past few days I've been reflecting a lot on who I really am.  I am a wife, mother, friend, daughter, manager, PTA President, yet I tend to change in the roles that I am in.  I am merely a character in this play called life with all these different roles.  I do the best I can in all I do, and that's what I ask of those around me too.  So, how did I play these different roles this week?

I was the wife of a police officer, as I sat with is squad during dinner keeping my children occupied with flash cards.

I was the overzealous mother at my son's Kindergarten orientation making sure this school has the foundation in order to give him the opportunity at success in his life.  Then, we were family, as my husband and I took our son to Applebee's to celebrate.

I was the working mother as I rushed home during my lunch hour and prepared rigatoni for dinner that night.

I was the PTA President as I discussed some easy fundraisers to bring money into my children's current school.  We're looking at having a restaurant give back 10% of its proceeds on a given night.

I was the provider as I rushed to Costco, again during my lunch hour and stocked up on some items in the house.

I was the housekeeper doing laundry until 11:00 PM at night, then back at it at 7:00 AM the next morning.

I was the worried parent as I ached in my heart knowing that my daughter has knock knees.  I told the doctor two years ago that I thought she had them, as I have gone through life with them too.  The doctor stated she would grow into them and it was too early to tell.  I can tell now.  A mother's insticts are always correct.

I was the daughter as I sat at my Mom's house while the kids were napping enjoying a cup of coffee and just talking with her.  It's moments like this that I have to appreciate as life is too short and I'll never know when I'll be reminising of days like this.

I was the workout queen as I've found my peace on the weekend mornings spending a few minutes to myself on the elliptical.  At first I was guilty doing something for myself, but now I suppress the guilty feelings.  I need this. It provides the escape I need from everyday reality.

I was a little girl giddy with excitement as my husband and I have begun a fresh start.  Sleep deprivation is not fun.  We are finally on a schedule that works for us, and to top it off, we just booked a getaway to Vegas for a few nights...and an evening with Kevin James and Ray Romano.  Kevin James is our favorite comedian, and this will be a night of many laughs.  I love when my husband laughs so hard and tears come down his face. 

And yet, as I look upon this upcoming week, I'll play the same roles, but you never know how the ending will turn out.  So, this was a little bit about me this week.  How about you?

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  1. I like this post a lot. I think about this stuff all the time and to be honest, feel a little lost right now and without an identity! So this was nice to read.

    Las Vegas sounds like so much fun! Especially the comedian shows. Have fun.