Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Son Has Psychic Abilities

It's been over five years now and I've always had this inclination that my son has this secret inner strength to him.  It started when I was pregnant with my son and my Mom went to a psychic.  The psychic told my Mom that my son (which we didn't know the gender) is a "special" child.  Well, what the hell does "special" mean?  Now, I tend to lean toward the obsessive side of life and didn't know how to take that label. As I have learned through the years, let's just say my son is very "special". 

There have been instances over the years that have stopped me in my shoes as I looked at my son in amazement, but just shook off the notion that he could see beyond reality.  So, I've been starting to embed some of these events in my head and wanted to share some with you.

It was  a beautiful night in Arizona and we could see stars for miles.  Jake said to me, "I'm going to see a shooting star."  I told him we could certainly look for one and to keep his eyes open...I'll be damned, not a moment later, there appeared a shooting star and I saw pure joy in my child's eyes.

A week or two later, I was with my little man in bed.  You see, this is when we still co-slept together.  Some of you know the story of how my kiddos shared a room together.  When my little girl was born and moved from the bassinet to the crib, I booted my son out of the room, because he enjoyed keeping his sister awake and it took a lot of time to get him to sleep. Throw in that my DH was working graveyards and didn't sleep with me anyway, so I had my little man who would watch TV as I read a book for a half hour or so and then we'd go to bed.  Well, I was reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and I read a passage that talked about Will.  Well, just as I read his name, my son says out of nowhere, "Will rhymes with Phil."  I looked over at him and smiled and agreed with him.

This last instance occurred as I was driving back from my parents house one weekend.  My daughter had dozed off in her car seat and Jake was looking out the window.  I had the radio tuned into Country.  Well, Tim McGraw's, "My Little Girl" song came on.

I got lost in the song and got teary eyed thinking about my own JoJo and how my husband is protective of his own "little girl."  I remember thinking how this song would be a beautiful wedding song and envisioned Jordan as a big girl and my husband dancing with her....okay, now you know my inner thoughts and I'm a dork, but yes, this is what I was thinking.  Especially the lyrics:

"Someday, some boy will come and ask me for your hand
But I won't say "yes" to him unless I know, he's the halfThat makes you whole, he has a poet's soul, and the heart of a man's manI know he'll say that he's in loveBut between you and meHe won't be good enough"

Well, as we're riding quiet through the night and I'm lost in my thoughts, my son says to me "Mama, I want to go to a wedding sometime.  Do you want to go with me?"

And that my friends is why I think my son is psychic.  He certainly is a "special" boy?

Do you think I'm just an overzealous mother who thinks her children are the best in the world?  If so, who the hell cares, they are the best in the world.....every mother should have that thought about their own kids. Right? If you don't, why the hell not?

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  1. He definitely sounds psychic. WOW!

    And interesting question about "Why the hell not". I think my kids are wonderful. They're funny and smart and a pain in the ass and difficult and trying. Of course, they're 22 & 24, so different perspective. But the best in the world? I've never thought about it that way. To me that's akin to thinking my husband is the BEST. COP. EVER. To me, he's just one of a lot of good cops in this department. Better than some, less experienced than others. Not a superhero, although a bit of a SWAT stud ;) I suppose I'm a realist by nature but I'll have to put some thought into perhaps changing my terminology.

    (BEST. COP. EVER. I like that!)