Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I can remember being a little girl and watching the Wizard of Oz as it came on TV every year.  It was a big night that we all geared up with popcorn and pop (yes I'm from the Western NY), or shall I say soda?  It's just one of those feel good classic movies.  So, let's back up a bit, last summer, Jake became very interested in tornados.  He went to a half day summer camp with Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras.  Then, he saw a Wizard of Oz preview and we had to get it on DVD when it came out last fall! 

Let's just say the Wizard of Oz became a staple in our home.  But, what's interesting is my 2 1/2 year old little girl became a fan.  And, when the bad witch came on, she'd hold her hands over her eyes.  I questioned myself as a Mom, "Should I really let my kids watch the Wizard of Oz?" especially when they are 5 and almost 3 now.  And, you know what, I think yes.  It was a Friday night and my DH was getting ready for work.  I bought the DVD and was just as excited to watch it as my son was...Jordan didn't quite know what it was at the time.  It was movie night..we got the popcorn, we got the juice boxes, we had our bathes and blankies.  And you know what, I was excited...too darn excited to be exact.  And my DH stopped and watched the beginning with us for awhile.  He said how he remembers watching this show when it came on as a kid.  And, he said it was too bad he had to head to work, cause he wanted to watch it with us.

Now, I think the DVD wore off on us...Jake's on to watching Twister these days....do you see a theme?  Another tornado movie...only $5 at Target and Jake is the one that spotted the cover.  And, we have Tornado Chasers DVRed on our TV that certainly has got a lot of use.  We found a book at Barnes & Noble called Tornado Alley that is kid friendly.  We've read it A LOT!  But, it's these pics that are fun...when your little girl takes all the Wizard of Oz dolls of the shelf at Barnes and Noble, lines it up and plays with them. 

Know what else I really enjoy....when the kids start to pick up on the little things, like the horses changing colors in the Wizard of Oz, or when your little boy imitates the lollipop kids and your little girl imitates the ballerinas...they put on a show for you...they are only little once, and these are the memories which I've enjoyed!  Seriously, my son doing the lollipop kids is hilarious...I will have to secretly record him.

How do you feel about the Wizard of Oz? What are your fondest memories?

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  1. Fondest? When they only played it once a year and it was an EVENT!!! Not just "oh, there it is again". :) (and please get taping your son's version... the thought of it cracks me up)